Tenuta Affaitati

Affaitati of San Venanzo, Estate


The territory of the San Venanzo municipality represents a unique geological reality, infact, Its volcanic rocks do not exist anywhere else in the world, so that they are classified internationally by the names of "Venanzite" and "Umbrianite".

In the area, 265,000 years ago were active three volcanic centers, the “Sea of San Venanzo”, the “Tuff Ring of Pian di Celle” and the smallest “Ring of lapilli of Celli”. Protagonists of violent volcanic explosions, these eruptive centers deposited large thicknesses of pyroclastic material and lava flows.

Volcanic soils, rich in phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, are ideal for obtaining high quality grapes, which are born in the majority of cases from ungrafted, long-lived, robust and drought-resistant, non-calcareous and saline vines. This type of soil generates a buffer activity that develops minerality. Salt buffers acidity and translates into a deep and long stimulus for taste buds. This is why volcanic wines are fresh and of excellent drink, with a rich and balanced taste, as well as suitable ageing. On this soil were implanted the vines that today produce wine, thanking, to the Affaitati’s family.