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Beauty and Tradition

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Collelungo is a very small town but if you come from the road that rises from Fratta Todina you can admire it lying with the walls of its castle on an outcropping overlooking the Middle Tiber Valley. Legend has it that in the village of Collelungo lived the "beautiful Imperia" that the night came out of the castle, through a secret tunnel, with his white horse

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Volcano wines

The territory of the San Venanzo municipality represents a unique geological reality, infact, Its volcanic rocks do not exist anywhere else in the world, so that they are classified internationally by the names of "Venanzite" and "Umbrianite".

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The Mediterranean Diet

The term diet is however improper, because, more than a real diet program, it is a food style made of rules
and habits inspired by the Mediterranean tradition.
In the 50s of the last century, Ancel Keys, an American nutritionist, realized that the populations of the
Mediterranean were l...

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Tasting a Wine Throught the Five Senses

The feel
The wine is best enjoyed in crystal glasses allowing its transparency and purity to stimulate the senses
during the tasting. Tilt the glass of 45 ° on a white background, with a possibly natural or white light.
Touch recognizes five sensations: thermal (...

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Recognizing a good extra virgin olive oil

The Tasting
The first thing to evaluate is the olfactory component. In slang It is said that the oil must have a
perfume that reminds you of the olive, because the oil is neither more nor less than a juice of olives. An authentic
fruit juice mu...

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